KS Orthopaedic shoes has been working to help customers with their footwear requirements for almost 40 years, and that experience has helped us become the leading nationwide no.1 for shoe adaptations, alterations and repairs to orthopaedic footwear and made to measure insoles/orthotics.

Our customers come from all over the country to benefit from our services. If you require a specific adaptation or alteration to your shoe because you suffer with pains in the foot, heel, joint, knee, calf, back or hip then we are here to help. All shoes can be adapted or altered to your individual requirements, and we can also copy previously adapted footwear.

At KS Orthopaedic we believe that you shouldn’t be limited to medical shoes that aren’t fashionable.
We provide alternative an alternative solution that allows you to comfortably wear the shoe of your choice, with confidence that our alternations will meet your medical needs.

  Langham House, 3 Stafford Road, Wallington, SM6 9AQ