With over 30 years experience we adapt or alter all types of shoes and boots for both ladies and gents.
We are the one stop shop for all of your footwear problems and specialise in a number of categories including those listed below.

Orthosis plate fittings:

A functional foot orthosis made to prevent abnormal motion or abnormal position of the foot and leg during movement.

Rocker soles:

Rocker sole shoe with outsole rocker bar, or one with recontoured outsole creating a curved anteroposterior profile

Heel raises:

Adaptation to an in-shoe orthosis to compensate for mild leg length discrepancy

Prolonged heels:

We can adapt heels to comfort your feet for a prolonged amount of time.

Gel Insoles:

Gel inserts to provide shock absorption and extra comfort

Raised shoes / Height increased or lowered:

We can make these in materials such as Leather, Microcellular and HDPZ

Metatarsal bars:

Adhesive padding applied to the plantar forefoot or an insole

Covered cork raises with leather:

The raise is outside and made of leather covered cork

Medial/Lateral wedge systems:

Lateral wedge insoles for medial knee osteoarthritis

Made to measure insole foot supports:

Made to add support and relieve foot pain.

Flared/Floated heels & foreparts:

Adapting your shoe with wide lateral flare or float will not cause your foot to pronate faster

Upper alterations and repairs:

We can carry out any upper alterations or repairs

Bespoke handmade t-straps:

T-Straps can be added or adjusted to help your footwear fit more comfortably

Shoe/Boot stretching:

Footwear can be molded or stretched to accommodate your foot structure

Bunion stretching:

If you have complications with shoes because of your bunions, we can stretch your shoe to make it fit comfortably

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